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Can’t Get Enough Of Your Love…

Hi! Before we get started here, would you consider taking a minute to like my  FACEBOOK PAGE (click link here) ? I’m really trying to show it some love and get some live video streams up through that format so we would love you to check them out. Two other quick things: First, our new CD which people seem to really be loving, Cut and Run, is now available on iTunes and also CD Baby. Fifteen tracks of original NAP goodness and one bad ass cover or Jolene. Secondly, we have two great fall shows coming up: The Stephen Talkhouse on Oct 8th and Baystreet Theater on Friday Oct 20th. O(CLICK EITHER LINK TO BUY TICKETS) an Oh yeah and whoops… third… if you want to read a very nice, recent write up on us you can click here: Becoming Nancy Atlas by Lyle Greenfield from Whalebone MagazineOk. Now that I am done with my endless self promotion… Can interest you in a used car? (Ba dump bump.)

Sept 26th, 2017

My back hurts. From surfing. It must be fall.

In the summer my back hurts from wearing cowboy boots and doing back bends. It’s the same kind of pain and as I wince and endure my sciatic delight I try to ignore it and remember that it is an aftershock of bliss. A little ben gay and away we go. At some point in my life I will actually go to a gym on a consistent basis and do sit ups and stretch so that I get a tick more limber but one doesn’t think of that when they are knee deep in a sonic tunnel with Johnny Blood ripping into one of his epic solos. In that moment I am sweating and my heart is beating and the clock stops and I want to bow down. So I do. Who cares. I could die tomorrow. My back can fucking wait.

Simon Kirke Sits in with our band, The Nancy Atlas Project, at The Surf Lodge to play some of his classics from Free and Bad Company. Always a true gent and a killer drummer/singer. Photo by Ken Grille. Aug 2017

So the summer of 2017 was a joyride but started with an engine that wouldn’t turn over in May. The weather sucked. Then each show started to surprise us. We know that we have time in and our core followers but something different started happening this year. Suddenly we would show up to play a gig like Agawam park in Southampton and instead of 2 or 3 hundred people there were now 500. Our early slot 4th of July and Labor Day Talkhouse shows at 8pm started over selling the other national acts that weekend.  It was crazy. Literally. We were loving all of you so much for coming out and joining us on our ride. We felt the love and commitment and the new passion of people really getting what we are trying to do. Then came the Surf Lodge Wednesdays.

Here is a video from when Jimmy Buffett decided to stop by and grace us with his awesomeness.

Margaritaville performed by Jimmy Buffett at Surf Lodge on Aug…

A little live Margaritaville with Jimmy Buffett, a longtime friend of our band, unexpectedly sitting in with us last Wednesday at The Surf Lodge. Neil Surreal on Keys, Brett King on Bass, Richard Rosch on Drums, Johnny Blood on Lead Guitar and I'm the chick with the tambourine and the pick in my bra.

Posted by Nancy Atlas on Sunday, September 3, 2017

True unexpected drop in’s week after week. Simon Kirke of Bad Company, Jimmy Buffett, Chad Smith of the RHCP’s… they just kept rolling in.

A very hot sweaty set to celebrate 30 years of the Talkhouse with our good friend Chad Smith of the RHCP on Drums. August 2017. Photo by Ken Grille.

Shall we discuss the impromptu walk up by Jose Feliciano at Innersleeve Records while Chad, GE Smith, Brett, Neil, Klyph and I were just trying to shed some love and bring some peeps in to buy vinyl? It was nuts.

A moment in time when magic happened on the Main Street of Amagansett at Innerseeve Records. Jose Feliciano, Chad Smith, Nancy Atlas, GE Smith, Klyph Black, Brett King, Neil Surreal. Photo by Daniel Gonzalez. August 2017

And Here is a little taste of that show when Chad got his freak on while doing a solo in Led Zepplins Moby Dick. 

Chad Smith Moby Dick Solo at Innersleeve Records, August 19th,…

A MUST WATCH: Chad Smith crushing his Moby Dick Solo at Innersleeve Records on August 19th, 2017. This, my friends, is how it's done. In the presence of greatness while I watch on along with GE Smith, Jose Feliciano, Brett King, Neil Surreal and Klyph Black. Video by Ellen Dioguardi.

Posted by Nancy Atlas on Monday, August 21, 2017

 I don’t know if it’s my age or my time in or maybe my fatigue but I just tried to be present to how killer it all was. We had, dare I say it, a lot of musical bliss.  The real beauty of live music is how it exists in the ethers. How you have that moment and then it’s gone. You can video it, you can paint it but really, you have to be there to absorb the positive ions. So if your reading this, and you took the time and effort to go to one of these shows, I am personally thanking you and saying… WE COULD ALL FEEL YOUR PRESENCE AND YOUR STOKE! 

How about the show at WPAC that Lucinda Williams put on? Jesus, Mary and Joseph. It was crushingly perfect. She is in her 60’s and singing like a house on fire. Writing stronger than ever, singing stronger than ever AND I get to call her my friend and asked to shoot the shit and drink wine with her post show. So yeah… 2017 felt a bit dreamy by the end of August. Don’t mean to gag on and on, truly I don’t,  but it was kind of… well… dreamy and just so you know that i am humbled by it all I will let you know that I am doing about 4 loads of laundry while writing this post. Laundry that will never end. Ever. If fact tomorrow and the next day… I will be still cleaning my three kids stank ass clothes, sheets and towels so let me please roll in the sunshine that is Lucinda Williams for a moment. Ahhhhhh… thank you.

I love this woman for so many reasons. Bad Ass Rocker, writer extraordinaire and nice human being to boot. Long Live Lucinda! Photo by Kate McCarty. August 2017

Official Painting of The Nancy Atlas Project for The Sag Harbor American Music Festival 2017 by Maryann Lucas

So Summer is here and gone in a flash and then September rolls in and we are chosen as one of the headliners for The Sag Harbor American Music Festival. First and foremost let me tell you that I am so glad she didn’t paint this photo with to much detail cause it was 8 in the morning after a late night gig. Do you know what it takes to get an Accordion player ANYWHERE at 8 am? The answer is a bag of donuts. And maybe some fine red wine… so yes,  it is a minor miracle this painting even exists. As for the festival on a whole,  I can’t say enough. It was everything it should be down to the custom ordered donated pre-show Bay Burgers (Thank you John Landes!) and a lot of love, music, laughter and RESPECT.  Singing three part harmony in the back room with Annie and Inda. Enjoying the wickedly solid opening set by Hopefully Forgiven.  This festival pays and really takes care of the local musician.  Our Saturday night show at Old Whalers Church was as good as it get’s for me because the night before I was able to see one of my musical crushes, New Orleans great, Jon Cleary, SLAY with his three piece band. If you are ever in NOLA you should see if he is playing at DBA’s or The Maple Leaf. He as good live as anyone I’ve ever seen. One of the greats for sure. I was watching him in awe and literally thinking, ‘I can’t believe we get to play the same stage as Jon tomorrow. How the hell did that happen?’ and then i thought, ‘I better rework my set list cause this fucker just decimated this crowd and I have to follow his ass tomorrow night. Zoinks. Doh. Piss. Tit. Wank!’ 

I threw in a little old English style swearing at the end there to really bring it on home. I hope you enjoyed it. A little piss, tit, wank goes along way when the usual suspect swears won’t do. On that note, Larry David has me yelling, “SCHMOHAWK!” at bad drivers now. Love him for that. You have to watch Curb Your Enthusiasm to really understand that one. It’s a classic. Hey listen, we are a full service website here. Not only do you get musical updates but you get a few new swear words as well. What’s not to love?

Ok. There is a lot more to write but I have too many photos and video’s to share so I’m off. I hope you enjoyed our update. I am working on a benefit relief for Puerto Rico and St. John. Date to be announced soon.  Don’t forget to check in to my  FACEBOOK PAGE so you can check out some of our live feeds this fall! I am planning on doing some acoustic feeds of new tunes.

More later… I have to go catch a few waves before they are gone actually that’s a lie. I am off to take my four year old to dance class. The wave window closed and now it’s back to laundry and ballet and of course.. my music.

Peace out home skillet’s. I love you all. Well almost all of you. Not the dude that cornered me pre show to talk about how I need to write a song about his dead dog. Him.. not so crazy about.


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