Brett King aka DB1















BRETT KING. Bass, background vocals.  He is my fellow jokester. You don’t want to be anywhere near us when we are rolling. I believe I am due to get him next which is making me laugh even writing this because I can now start scheming and planning my ambush and by the time he reads this I will have already jumped out of the back of his car dressed in ninja black or left open cheese slices in his gig bag. Either scenario will have him screaming like a girl. ANYWAY. Brett holds down the band with his throbbing bass parts or just as quickly adds a mellifluous lilting back line when a slower song calls for it. In addition Brett is my body guard on the rare occasions that I actually need one. Every now and then something will happen from  stage left and suddenly a giant hand will emerge and block me from the said college dude about to tackle the mic or maybe a drunk girl about to clock me in the head with my tambourine. Out comes BA-RHETTS hand from NOWHERE. It’s spooky. Like my very own rock and roll secret agent he is. We love our King and he always brings a smile to our face.


photo by Joel Milton