Frequently Asked Questions

Hi Nancy. I saw your band at the Talkhouse and was wondering if you do private events?  – Sheila from Conn.

Hi Sheila. Yes. We have thrown down in our home town and also been flown around this fine country  several times because basically we have been known to bring the party. We didn’t start out doing Events… it just sort of happened.  People would come to our live shows, see us and think,  ‘Wow, that’s the kind of energy I want at my party!’. We get hot and sweaty at our late night gigs and basically tap into the never ending tradition of providing great live music and a true experience. In addition I have an enormous amount of stage time under my belt with reading crowds. There is an art to making a show “go off” if you will. Despite what people think, that rarely happens by chance.  It involves having the bandleader watching what people are responding to or in some cases NOT responding to and making the appropriate changes so that the crowd gets seduced.  It should also be a goal to get EVERYONE involved at a show or event.  An experienced performer, if they are doing their job, will know what to do to get people to that point. Once your in my web you stay in my web. This can be applied to making a magical original showcase or maybe a private event in Vermont go crazy train.  So yes, we do private events and I work very hard BEFORE shows to make sure they are epic.

I’m confused.  Are you an original band or a cover band? You came highly recommended for my party but when I go to your site it looks like you are an original act. – Jaimie from NYC

Well first and foremost we are an original band. I have been writing music for the last (insert sneeze sound here) years and I spent the first few years of my musical adventure NEVER playing covers. I mean EVER. I still have shows exclusively designated for our original music and I am happy to report that our our following on the East End of Long Island is stronger than ever. As for the cover confusion well.. It’s really a guy named Peter’s Honerkamps fault. He wanted to book us for late nights at the famous Stephen Talkhouse years ago. The shows go all night long. Start at 11 PM and end at 4 AM . Our job at these gigs was, and still is, to entertain. Keep people dancing and drinking and having a good time.  Slowly but surely The Stones crept into our set list. Then Tom Petty. Then a little Johnny Cash. Then AC/DC and whatever crazy German drinking song I could find. I try to have fun with it all and surprise the audience with my song selections. My voice is lower and raspy so I like singing songs written for guys. Personally I think it’s kind of cool to have a blonde chick in cowboy boots slinging a guitar and singing bad ass male rock songs admist original songs as well but hey,  that’s me… I would say that I get to live a Jekyll and Hyde like experience. I LOVE both types of shows. To sing original music to a crowd of people singing back to you is an absolute high but belting out a Stones tune with the amp on 11 and sweat dripping off the ceiling at 2 in the morning does it for me any day of the week as well. I play all types of shows. One’s where people request our original music and ones where they do not.  Either is fine with me because when I play live I don’t hold back and if I am going to sing a song that’s not mine on paper then I’m going to try and make it mine on stage.

Why don’t you tour more?  –  Paul from Jacksonville, FL

I have three kids. When they fall they ask for me and not a nanny. That about says it all. However I do little sprinter tours throughout the year to keep the skip in my heart and my sanity whole.

I was waving at you all night to let me sing with you and you just ignored me. What’s up? – Stephen from NY

Dear Stephen. I love your enthusiasm. Truly I do. And I can see you waving at me because the girl next to you is wringing your drink out of her hair and her shirt as you spasmodically flail your arms over your head and point to your mouth like a baby bird.  I am ignoring you because you are really, really drunk and unfortunately really drunk people and microphones are outlawed in New York State. Not really, but I am working hard with Govern0r Cuomo to pass the law as we speak. We do have sit in’s ALL THE TIME but it is usually somebody that plays for a living and has asked me, like a professional,  between the breaks or even days before the show and not while his scotch is dribbling out of his mouth onto his stained, opened, chest hair bearing shirt. My suggestion  is to approach me when you are a little less drunk and when I’m not in the middle of the song or next time I will have to make a citizens arrest.  That is if my law gets passed. Which, if it was a just world, it would.

Thanks, Nancy