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January Madness.


GE Smith and Johnny Blood should be reason enough to go to this show but then ADD Mike Riley of Pure Prairie League and well… it’s game on.

Our Saturday New Orleans Themed Fireside Sessions is SOLD OUT so this is your last chance to go if you want a little local lovin before we split for a month. Lots of tickets available as we are just releasing this info today!

A birds eye view of the stage as we rang in New Years Eve at The Stephen Talkhouse. Photo by David Gribin.

January 16th, 2018

Hi everyone. Happy, happy slappy. I’ve been deep in the juggle like everyone else out there managing the holidays, work and kiddos.  Lately I am also trying to catch the stray ethers of original music that I am sometimes lucky enough to have float through my head. If only there were a net for that. It’s hard to believe we are already past the halfway point of  January. It was only two mere weeks ago that  2018 came roaring in for our band with back to back sold out shows. One at Baystreet Theater with Danny Kean/Chad Smith and the other one at The Stephen Talkhouse for New Years Eve. Both shows were glorious and sweaty and fun and full of love despite the fact I was battling a gnarly head cold. I would personally like to take a moment and thank Jagermeister for creating a liquor that is the equivalent to drinking Ricolas. I am not a huge drinker but when shit hits the fan with my throat that sultry swiss concoction has been known to save the day and New Years weekend was no exception. Someone told me it’s made with mountain herbs from the motherland and i don’t doubt it. I takes me from a sniveling mess to a spry small yodeling man in lederhosen. I’m a fan.

So let’s see… we had those two shows then a week later on Jan 6th  Jonny Rosch braved traveling a post apocalyptic bomb cyclone (or what we called in the 80’s a snow storm) to grace our stage with his Memphis honey.   Damn. Damn. Damn. He truly set the tone with his raspy, killer version of the Marc Cohen Classic Walking In Memphis right on through to the ending notes of Chuck Berry.  Just a total delight to sing with and watch him work his magic. If you couldn’t be there with us, here is a clip of us together from the Fireside Sessions in 2017 just to get a taste of what went down.

Last Saturday, January 13th,  the Fireside Sesssion’s theme focused on LA and really California as a whole if I am being honest. There was SO much music to chose from that it was mind boggling but we narrowed it down on some RHCP’s, Mama’s and Papas, Beach Boys, Eagles, Roy Orbison and Sublime. Oh yes with a touch of No Doubt and Journey to boot. Our guest singers were Erin Doherty, Jann Hanna and Jessie Haynes and man those ladies can sing.  I’ll have an extra side of that gravy any day of the week. Arno Hecht of the Uptown Horns sat in as well and was just the icing on an already fluffy white, perfectly cooked Mary Berry cake. I will not lie. I woke up Sunday Morning and my coffee tasted just a little better than usual. That show sold out and I feel from the response that they got sonically laid. That might sound crass… because it is. However it is also very true. Moving on…

As we head into week four we strap on our boots and head to Austin. This is, without a doubt, my favorite set list to date. We will be having Skip Krevens sit in on Pedal Steel. You know how I love me some Pedal Steele. This show has like 5 tickets left I think which is a beautiful thing.

Ok. I should be much more witty and charming and funny but I cannot. I’m beat. I will definitely check back in shortly and slather you with all the love you fully deserve for supporting my band.

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you and thank you again.




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