Johnny Blood

















JOHNNY BLOOD. Lead guitar. Vocals. The most accomplished musician out of us all. A top notch producer, songwriter and guitarist extraordinaire. He is also a really great singer although like most great singers he hates the sound of his voice. Johnny  shakes his head and wags his German finger at us when we opt for a simple ending to a new song or when my guitar is out of tune but deep down Johnny loves each and every one of us  or he would have left us years ago. He is the type of guitar player that can play every style very, very well but he is at his finest when he cranks it past 11. I have lost a large majority of the hearing in my right ear because of him and I wouldn’t change it for one hot second. In our best musical moments time stands still and we literally step into a sonic vortex together and come out an hour plus later all sweaty and smiling. On our worst moments I am still able to make him laugh. He calls me Blondie or Spanky and always has.  I call him Johnny German, Johnny Biscotti, and Johnny whatever is applicable in that moment.  A little known fact is that we are born on the same day, April 20th. What else… He makes a mean bbq chicken or biscotti and could fuel a space shuttle on the type of coffee he drinks. I cannot imagine the past 16 years without him. When all is said and done he is my musical husband except without all the nagging about the dirty dishes. To check out his own music please go to his website Johnny and see why he is constantly hired for commercial work which he creates at his studio in Springs, NY.

photo by Joel Milton