Nancy Atlas aka Blondie aka Spanky

NANCY ATLAS – Lead Vocals, Guitar, Tambourine.  I write the songs that make the young boys cry. No, not really but I can’t resist quoting Barry Manilow.  A description of what I do would fall somewhere between part back street poet and part David Lee Roth wannabe.  (High Eighties David Lee Roth thank you very much). I go deep, I sweat, I laugh, I howl,  I purge and I have an enormous amount of sweaty kooky fun at my shows. What you see is what you get. I like to work hard before performances so that when it all comes together before your eyes it seems effortless and magical. The way music should be. An ultimate ride. What else… My  band nicknames, that is the ones I know of (wink wink) are Blondie, Spanky, Mommmy and a four note melody (G,G, D,C#) that Brett and Johnny play when I mess something up. I love my band, I love my audience and I am not afraid to let it all hang out. As I like to say, “Live Large and Play Hard”. That about sums it up for now.