Richard Rosch aka Tapey/ DB2

RICHARD ROSCH. Drums, background vocals. Band nickname. Tapey. The man eats more than anyone and he is the skinniest. It’s funny and annoying at the same time. How does he do it? Where does it go? He is the 8th natural wonder of the world. Part Great White. If they opened up his stomach  I’m sure they would find Jimmy Hoffa and a missing tail pipe from a Volvo. Richard is the balls of the band. He is where it all starts. His strength is in his impeccable timing. He is like a ROCK. Playing with him is effortless and a total gift. I feel like I’m in a well worn saddle and free to ride when we start a show. He is also very funny. He and his wife, the fabulous singer Annie Morgan, have a very dry, wicked sense of humor and could literally go on the road when you get them going thus our rides into the city are always filled with laughter and constant sarcastic puns. That is, unless, he is driving my van into the side of a tunnel.  Thus his third band nickname: Tunnel Boy. When Rich isn’t playing with us he can be found backing up Guitar Great Andy Aledort (Dicky Betts) or his insanely talented soul singer wife Annie Morgan. We are lucky to have him and we know it.


photo by Joel Milton