From People and Articles

“Nancy Atlas is a Rockstar... she has IT.” - Chad Smith RHCP

"She's a rocker, not afraid to scratch below the surface."- Lucinda Williams

                               "The Chick has pipes!”- Clarence Clemens

“I’ve played for years with Springsteen and Sting and Nancy has something about her that reminds me of them. It’s just a certain quality that is very rare.” - Clark Gayton, Trombone Player to Prince, Springsteen, Sting and many more.

   “Triple Threat. Killer looks, a matador on stage and a voice that will knock you on your ass. Oh yeah... and she can write a song with the best of them.  She can hold her toe to any of them.” 

                                             -    Lyle Greenfield, Bang Music

“Nancy Atlas is a true triple threat and always leaves us wanting more. Her band continues to completely blows me away each time they play and that is not easy to do with the amount of shows I have seen in my life.”

 - Gary Hygom, Baystreet Theater

"Our favorite rocker! In my time of owning this bar I've seen two unknown people go onto National Fame. In my opinion Nancy Atlas and her band will be the third!"

                           -    Peter Honerkamp, The Stephen Talkhouse


"Ms. Atlas calls to mind the music of Lucinda Williams and John Hiatt with their occasionally dark and sardonic lyrics, and early Bonnie Raitt with her fun loving exuberance and tales of evenings awash in whiskey, romance and heartbreak." - E. Ernst, Southampton Press, circ. 50,000

”A treasure! Voted Hall of Fame Best Singer and Band by entire East End year after year.”- Dans Papers circ.70,000


"Nancy Atlas is the real deal. She's as authentic as a pair of well worn Levi's or a shot of Jack with a Bud Chaser. Never mind the fact she's a great singer (Dare we say a female Bruce?) & an inspiring songwriter (there's always room on the island for one more great songwriter, right?). She was our shining beacon on the Hamptons Documentary, where she told it like it was, not the way it was portrayed to be. Nancy Atlas loves her backyard, her art and all things simple. She is no bullshit. She is a patriot." Tom O'Donnelly, The Improper Hamptonian


 "Nancy Atlas was different from the other characters. She had that special something that set her apart." Barbara Kopple, famed filmaker talking about her "Hamptons" documentary on NPR


"Could someone please help me find my ass because this band just blew it away!"- George Marshall, Soundman for The Downtown


"Should be on the Radio... A young Melissa Etheridge." -K. Amorim, Newsday circ. 578,000


It sounds like the Arizona Desert, like snake skin boots, like roadhouse rock and roll. Atlas has a strong voice, so strong that at times it is downright ethereal." -G.V.C. The East Hampton Star circ. 16,000


Her marriage of dreamy 50's style desert crossing guitar and a revealing personalized brand of heartbreak songwriting make her an East End Standout." -Ian D'Giff, The Long Island Voice circ. 251,000


If you've ever gone to a show you can see it in their eyes- All the girls want to be her and all the guys want to be with her. She exudes that Rock and Roll f-ckability factor that money just can't buy."- Phil Vega, Head Bartender and seller of over 1 million beers


"Nancy Atlas first came to my attention when she was featured in an ABC documentary called "The Hamptons". Her music literally reached up out of the T.V. set and grabbed me, and I've been hooked ever since. I've been co-hosting a morning radio program in New Haven Conneticut for almost 18 years, and Nancy is one of the most talented independent singersongwriters I've heard. In fact we had her band perform live on WPLR last July and the reviews from our fans were amazing!"-

                                                          Bruce Barber, 99.1 WPLR "Smith and Barber"