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January Madness.


GE Smith and Johnny Blood should be reason enough to go to this show but then ADD Mike Riley of Pure Prairie League and well… it’s game on.

Our Saturday New Orleans Themed Fireside Sessions is SOLD OUT so this is your last chance to go if you want a little local lovin before we split for a month. Lots of tickets available as we are just releasing this info today!

A birds eye view of the stage as we rang in New Years Eve at The Stephen Talkhouse. Photo by David Gribin.

January 16th, 2018

Hi everyone. Happy, happy slappy. I’ve been deep in the juggle like everyone else out there managing the holidays, work and kiddos.  Lately I am also trying to catch the stray ethers of original music that I am sometimes lucky enough to have float through my head. If only there were a net for that. It’s hard to believe we are already past the halfway point of  January. It was only two mere weeks ago that  2018 came roaring in for our band with back to back sold out shows. One at Baystreet Theater with Danny Kean/Chad Smith and the other one at The Stephen Talkhouse for New Years Eve. Both shows were glorious and sweaty and fun and full of love despite the fact I was battling a gnarly head cold. I would personally like to take a moment and thank Jagermeister for creating a liquor that is the equivalent to drinking Ricolas. I am not a huge drinker but when shit hits the fan with my throat that sultry swiss concoction has been known to save the day and New Years weekend was no exception. Someone told me it’s made with mountain herbs from the motherland and i don’t doubt it. I takes me from a sniveling mess to a spry small yodeling man in lederhosen. I’m a fan.

So let’s see… we had those two shows then a week later on Jan 6th  Jonny Rosch braved traveling a post apocalyptic bomb cyclone (or what we called in the 80’s a snow storm) to grace our stage with his Memphis honey.   Damn. Damn. Damn. He truly set the tone with his raspy, killer version of the Marc Cohen Classic Walking In Memphis right on through to the ending notes of Chuck Berry.  Just a total delight to sing with and watch him work his magic. If you couldn’t be there with us, here is a clip of us together from the Fireside Sessions in 2017 just to get a taste of what went down.

Last Saturday, January 13th,  the Fireside Sesssion’s theme focused on LA and really California as a whole if I am being honest. There was SO much music to chose from that it was mind boggling but we narrowed it down on some RHCP’s, Mama’s and Papas, Beach Boys, Eagles, Roy Orbison and Sublime. Oh yes with a touch of No Doubt and Journey to boot. Our guest singers were Erin Doherty, Jann Hanna and Jessie Haynes and man those ladies can sing.  I’ll have an extra side of that gravy any day of the week. Arno Hecht of the Uptown Horns sat in as well and was just the icing on an already fluffy white, perfectly cooked Mary Berry cake. I will not lie. I woke up Sunday Morning and my coffee tasted just a little better than usual. That show sold out and I feel from the response that they got sonically laid. That might sound crass… because it is. However it is also very true. Moving on…

As we head into week four we strap on our boots and head to Austin. This is, without a doubt, my favorite set list to date. We will be having Skip Krevens sit in on Pedal Steel. You know how I love me some Pedal Steele. This show has like 5 tickets left I think which is a beautiful thing.

Ok. I should be much more witty and charming and funny but I cannot. I’m beat. I will definitely check back in shortly and slather you with all the love you fully deserve for supporting my band.

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you and thank you again.




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Can’t Get Enough Of Your Love…

Hi! Before we get started here, would you consider taking a minute to like my  FACEBOOK PAGE (click link here) ? I’m really trying to show it some love and get some live video streams up through that format so we would love you to check them out. Two other quick things: First, our new CD which people seem to really be loving, Cut and Run, is now available on iTunes and also CD Baby. Fifteen tracks of original NAP goodness and one bad ass cover or Jolene. Secondly, we have two great fall shows coming up: The Stephen Talkhouse on Oct 8th and Baystreet Theater on Friday Oct 20th. O(CLICK EITHER LINK TO BUY TICKETS) an Oh yeah and whoops… third… if you want to read a very nice, recent write up on us you can click here: Becoming Nancy Atlas by Lyle Greenfield from Whalebone MagazineOk. Now that I am done with my endless self promotion… Can interest you in a used car? (Ba dump bump.)

Sept 26th, 2017

My back hurts. From surfing. It must be fall.

In the summer my back hurts from wearing cowboy boots and doing back bends. It’s the same kind of pain and as I wince and endure my sciatic delight I try to ignore it and remember that it is an aftershock of bliss. A little ben gay and away we go. At some point in my life I will actually go to a gym on a consistent basis and do sit ups and stretch so that I get a tick more limber but one doesn’t think of that when they are knee deep in a sonic tunnel with Johnny Blood ripping into one of his epic solos. In that moment I am sweating and my heart is beating and the clock stops and I want to bow down. So I do. Who cares. I could die tomorrow. My back can fucking wait.

Simon Kirke Sits in with our band, The Nancy Atlas Project, at The Surf Lodge to play some of his classics from Free and Bad Company. Always a true gent and a killer drummer/singer. Photo by Ken Grille. Aug 2017

So the summer of 2017 was a joyride but started with an engine that wouldn’t turn over in May. The weather sucked. Then each show started to surprise us. We know that we have time in and our core followers but something different started happening this year. Suddenly we would show up to play a gig like Agawam park in Southampton and instead of 2 or 3 hundred people there were now 500. Our early slot 4th of July and Labor Day Talkhouse shows at 8pm started over selling the other national acts that weekend.  It was crazy. Literally. We were loving all of you so much for coming out and joining us on our ride. We felt the love and commitment and the new passion of people really getting what we are trying to do. Then came the Surf Lodge Wednesdays.

Here is a video from when Jimmy Buffett decided to stop by and grace us with his awesomeness.

Margaritaville performed by Jimmy Buffett at Surf Lodge on Aug…

A little live Margaritaville with Jimmy Buffett, a longtime friend of our band, unexpectedly sitting in with us last Wednesday at The Surf Lodge. Neil Surreal on Keys, Brett King on Bass, Richard Rosch on Drums, Johnny Blood on Lead Guitar and I'm the chick with the tambourine and the pick in my bra.

Posted by Nancy Atlas on Sunday, September 3, 2017

True unexpected drop in’s week after week. Simon Kirke of Bad Company, Jimmy Buffett, Chad Smith of the RHCP’s… they just kept rolling in.

A very hot sweaty set to celebrate 30 years of the Talkhouse with our good friend Chad Smith of the RHCP on Drums. August 2017. Photo by Ken Grille.

Shall we discuss the impromptu walk up by Jose Feliciano at Innersleeve Records while Chad, GE Smith, Brett, Neil, Klyph and I were just trying to shed some love and bring some peeps in to buy vinyl? It was nuts.

A moment in time when magic happened on the Main Street of Amagansett at Innerseeve Records. Jose Feliciano, Chad Smith, Nancy Atlas, GE Smith, Klyph Black, Brett King, Neil Surreal. Photo by Daniel Gonzalez. August 2017

And Here is a little taste of that show when Chad got his freak on while doing a solo in Led Zepplins Moby Dick. 

Chad Smith Moby Dick Solo at Innersleeve Records, August 19th,…

A MUST WATCH: Chad Smith crushing his Moby Dick Solo at Innersleeve Records on August 19th, 2017. This, my friends, is how it's done. In the presence of greatness while I watch on along with GE Smith, Jose Feliciano, Brett King, Neil Surreal and Klyph Black. Video by Ellen Dioguardi.

Posted by Nancy Atlas on Monday, August 21, 2017

 I don’t know if it’s my age or my time in or maybe my fatigue but I just tried to be present to how killer it all was. We had, dare I say it, a lot of musical bliss.  The real beauty of live music is how it exists in the ethers. How you have that moment and then it’s gone. You can video it, you can paint it but really, you have to be there to absorb the positive ions. So if your reading this, and you took the time and effort to go to one of these shows, I am personally thanking you and saying… WE COULD ALL FEEL YOUR PRESENCE AND YOUR STOKE! 

How about the show at WPAC that Lucinda Williams put on? Jesus, Mary and Joseph. It was crushingly perfect. She is in her 60’s and singing like a house on fire. Writing stronger than ever, singing stronger than ever AND I get to call her my friend and asked to shoot the shit and drink wine with her post show. So yeah… 2017 felt a bit dreamy by the end of August. Don’t mean to gag on and on, truly I don’t,  but it was kind of… well… dreamy and just so you know that i am humbled by it all I will let you know that I am doing about 4 loads of laundry while writing this post. Laundry that will never end. Ever. If fact tomorrow and the next day… I will be still cleaning my three kids stank ass clothes, sheets and towels so let me please roll in the sunshine that is Lucinda Williams for a moment. Ahhhhhh… thank you.

I love this woman for so many reasons. Bad Ass Rocker, writer extraordinaire and nice human being to boot. Long Live Lucinda! Photo by Kate McCarty. August 2017

Official Painting of The Nancy Atlas Project for The Sag Harbor American Music Festival 2017 by Maryann Lucas

So Summer is here and gone in a flash and then September rolls in and we are chosen as one of the headliners for The Sag Harbor American Music Festival. First and foremost let me tell you that I am so glad she didn’t paint this photo with to much detail cause it was 8 in the morning after a late night gig. Do you know what it takes to get an Accordion player ANYWHERE at 8 am? The answer is a bag of donuts. And maybe some fine red wine… so yes,  it is a minor miracle this painting even exists. As for the festival on a whole,  I can’t say enough. It was everything it should be down to the custom ordered donated pre-show Bay Burgers (Thank you John Landes!) and a lot of love, music, laughter and RESPECT.  Singing three part harmony in the back room with Annie and Inda. Enjoying the wickedly solid opening set by Hopefully Forgiven.  This festival pays and really takes care of the local musician.  Our Saturday night show at Old Whalers Church was as good as it get’s for me because the night before I was able to see one of my musical crushes, New Orleans great, Jon Cleary, SLAY with his three piece band. If you are ever in NOLA you should see if he is playing at DBA’s or The Maple Leaf. He as good live as anyone I’ve ever seen. One of the greats for sure. I was watching him in awe and literally thinking, ‘I can’t believe we get to play the same stage as Jon tomorrow. How the hell did that happen?’ and then i thought, ‘I better rework my set list cause this fucker just decimated this crowd and I have to follow his ass tomorrow night. Zoinks. Doh. Piss. Tit. Wank!’ 

I threw in a little old English style swearing at the end there to really bring it on home. I hope you enjoyed it. A little piss, tit, wank goes along way when the usual suspect swears won’t do. On that note, Larry David has me yelling, “SCHMOHAWK!” at bad drivers now. Love him for that. You have to watch Curb Your Enthusiasm to really understand that one. It’s a classic. Hey listen, we are a full service website here. Not only do you get musical updates but you get a few new swear words as well. What’s not to love?

Ok. There is a lot more to write but I have too many photos and video’s to share so I’m off. I hope you enjoyed our update. I am working on a benefit relief for Puerto Rico and St. John. Date to be announced soon.  Don’t forget to check in to my  FACEBOOK PAGE so you can check out some of our live feeds this fall! I am planning on doing some acoustic feeds of new tunes.

More later… I have to go catch a few waves before they are gone actually that’s a lie. I am off to take my four year old to dance class. The wave window closed and now it’s back to laundry and ballet and of course.. my music.

Peace out home skillet’s. I love you all. Well almost all of you. Not the dude that cornered me pre show to talk about how I need to write a song about his dead dog. Him.. not so crazy about.


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Wow. What a write up in this months music edition of Whalebone Magazine. Thanks guys. You truly know how to make a lady feel the love. If you haven’t read it yet you can check it out by clicking WHALEBONEMAG.com.  The article is written by Lyle Greenfield and has photos by the gorgeous and glorious Lisa-Marie Mazzucco. There is also a live shot in the print version by Ken Grille. Pick up a copy fo’ sure.

Lest us not forget our new album, CUT AND RUN, which is now officially out and available on line at CDBaby.com!
CLICK HERE to download the full album or just select tracks if you wish.  Personally I would bite the bullet and go in for the whole enchilada but that is just me.

A monster shout out to all of you who came out in the pouring rain this past Thursday to celebrate with us. Mike Mazz, head engineer said it was one of the top three
nights in Talkhouse history which is a pretty big statement that I am not sure I would agree with that but it definitely was one for the books.  Top Three Talkhouse in my book involves a bit of nudity, The Bogmen in the 90’s with Billy Campion prancing about in ripped stockings and little else and well, probably a few things that aren’t fit for print right now. I will get back to you on that one! 

If you are strolling around the Hamptons this weekend and want a hardcopy then go to Innersleeve Records located on Main Street in Amagansett. He’s got the goods and also some killer
vinyl so don’t stop at my CD. Treat yourself to an old Marvin Gaye or maybe some Pearl Jam… ummmmm. What a nice thought to see that big black disc spinning around on a sunny Sunday morning. I digress.

Our annual Surf Lodge Wednesdays start up this week and then we are back at the Talkhouse again this Friday night in the 8pm slot. Can’t get enough.

As for me… well, I’m on a cloud and enjoying all the hard work we put in. The deed is done and there was a bit of a throw down last weekend at a Whalebone Magazine Music
Issue release party. Let’s just say I could use some sleep or a bloody mary about now and I don’t think I’m getting either. Four shows and a bag of donuts for me I’m afraid.

Ok. I’m off. Thanks for checking in. More to come but here is a shot (Below) by Daniel Gonzalez from the party. I love the strobe light to the right. Sick.

Photo of Nancy Atlas from Cut and Run Release party, May 25th, 2017 by Daniel Gonzalez Photography

See you this week and much more to catch up on but for now! Spread the word. As I’ve always said, if you dig what we do tell a friend and if you don’t, then tell an enemy.
Bleeding Fingers and Broken Guitar Strings,



Art collage above by Lisa-Marie Mazzucco. Photographer and artist extraordinaire.

I’m off to a party for Whalebone Magazine for this months Music Issue in which Lyle Greenfield of Bang Music wrote a killer article on yours truly. Thank’s Lyle. Love ya baby.

Anyway… there will be a full on update about our release party which was off the hook. Peter said it was one of the best nights in Talkhouse history so I don’t know what more a girl could ask for. All i will say is… I’m still glowing.

If you checking in to buy a copy of our new Album, CUT AND RUN, it will be available at CD Baby hopefully on Monday May 29th.  I will have a direct link here but if you just go to CDBABY.com and type in “The Nancy Atlas Project” it should come up. 

If you want a hard copy and you are in the Hamptons, then you can get one the old fashioned way by going to Innersleeve Records in Amagansett (On Main Street). They are in stock and hot off the presses. Tell Craig I said Hi.

Ok. Much more tomorrow but right now I have to go get my Caddie started and head out into the magic and mayhem that is Montauk on Memorial Day weekend. Holy alliteration.




May 22nd, 2017

For all the Montauk Peeps there will be a Hopper Bus leaving from The Montauk Brewery at 7:30 and also another at 8pm. They are doing a $5 special each way to the Talkhouse just for our CD Release! If you want to reserve a seat email Rob at rob@hamptonhopper.com or text him at (631)774-0117. Cash only. THAT IS CRAZY CHEAP people. Get on it and make your ressies now. The return Buses are at 10:30 and 12 oclock. Buses leave from The Montauk Brewery who will also be having a half price special that night in honor of the CD release! The first 100 people in the door of the Talkhouse will get a goodie bag with Montauk Brewery Koozie, small bag of candy from The Candied Anchor, This months Whalebone Magazine Issue which has a six page spread on us and a poster from the Speck in the Sea. On a complete side note I cannot tell you all how excited I am for this CD to be released into the world. It has been a long time coming and I do feel that it represents our tunes and the band on the whole. I went for a polished live vibe so that you will hopefully want to crank it on a warm summers day with the top down. I cannot say enough about the band’s performances, the photo’s from Lisa-Marie Mazzucco or the art on the back from Grant Haffner. It has been an artistic East End family affair and like a dog with a new stick and no leash, I just want to roll around in the sand a bit and feel the beauty on my limp eyelids as the sun beats down. It is done and ready to roll.

Opening Quote from “A Speck in the Sea”

In other news, a big shout out to Little Antony and John Aldridge who officially released their book, A Speck In The Sea, today May 23rd, 2017. I highly recommend buying a copy at Barnes and Noble or online through various sites. It’s a wonderful tale of survival and friendship about the real life story of two local fisherman that I get to call GOOD friends (and not just because they give me lobster all the time)! It was a supreme honor to be mentioned in the book and to have our band’s song, The Tale Of Johnny Load, quoted at the top of the book and also full lyrics at the end. Super, Super cool. If you talk to Anthony he knows that the real prize is that Johnny is still alive and all the rest is gravy. It’s important to keep a perspective like that in these times. Anyway, we did record that very song with Rock Drum Superstar Chad Smith of the Red Hot Chili Peppers and if you’re looking for a single song download you can get it here or on Itunes. JUST CLICK ON THE SONG TITLE:  THE TALE OF JOHNNY LOAD.

Ok. I am off to vocal rehearsals and set lists and lions and tigers and bears oh my.
May you take time to look down at your feet and find them on a Hopper Bus with a local brew in your tummy and headed to a night of local sonic loving. In that moment you are truly alive.

See you Thursday with bells on!


January 21st,  2017


And then there was one.

So a lot could be say tonight as I sit in my basement with wet hair, three sleeping kids and two more shows to go before a much needed vacation, some of which will be spent finishing up our seventh studio album, Cut and Run. This Saturday, January 27th, will mark our 22nd sold out show at Baystreet Theater. That record  is just plain WHACK. We never saw this coming when we started the winter series four years ago but here we are, playing each Saturday to a full 300 seat capacity theater with a waiting list the length of an arm. A small arm, but an arm just the same. Like not a baby’s arm but maybe a big baby’s arm? Sorry… just trying to be funny. That’s a little January humor there which would basically mean NOT FUNNY. July jokes are way funnier and sexier than January jokes which are like, bottom of the barrel survival. So yeah. Our waiting list is the length of a big baby’s arm. Where was I… yes. Ok. See our band knows what a treat it is to play to a packed house  because we have played to empty houses along the way. We know what it feels like to lug the gear 100 miles only for a snow storm or football game to keep everyone at home. Do you remember when the Yankees played the Mets in a world series and it went down to game 7?  I do. You know why? Because I played in a bar in NYC that night to three people and all three of those people were watching a television screen over our head while we played. I am pretty sure someone threw a chicken wing at me mid song when the catcher dude caught a very important ball. It wasn’t like an intentional chicken wing at my face it was just a random, had to throw something cause the dude was so excited. Or maybe he did hate me. I’ll never know. Did I mention he had big baby arms. Sorry again. Laughing. I can’t stop. It’s January’s fault and no I am not drinking.  ANYWAY my drummer and bass player had earplugs in that night aand were listening to the results of the baseball game between songs as well as they couldn’t see the screen. I digress. SO YES… it is pretty fucking epic to sell out this many shows in the dead of winter and I love you all endlessly for supporting it. I’m done.

Two pussies and a guitar. photo by Glenn Schneider

Two pussies and a violin. photo by Glenn Schneider

So let’s reflect shall we? Last week we had the divine Randi Fishenfeld on violin who burnt the mother down for her fifth sold out show there. Randi is my soul sister and we only get limited chances in this life to come together on stage and make some music. It is always a treat but this night, when we were still bleary eyed from getting in at 3:30 AM the night before (Private event up island), there was a bit of witchy magic in the air. The kind of energy you hope for on stage but never know if it will grace you. The tunnel. Show starts, you step in, time stands still, two hours plus later you step out. It was all a blur but at the end of our three show run I am told we helped raise 15 K for the Sag Harbor Fire Dept (Thurs) helped a sassy Cheryl ring in a birthday (Friday) and as I started at the top of this paragraph, burnt the mother down on Saturday. My 4th grade english teacher would be so happy with me for wrapping this whole paragraph together. See Mr. Bruce… I did listen.

Danny Kean and a pudgy angel. Photo by Michael Heller

Danny Kean and a pudgy angel. Photo by Michael Heller

The week before we had the ethereal Danny Kean. If you live on Long Island do yourself a favor and look Danny up. Go see a show. He is probably one of my favorite people on this planet and that is before he even starts playing his keys and singing like some damn Stevie Wonder Ray Charles Danny Kean hybrid. The boy has chops but what sets him apart is his spirit. His grace. His ability to remind people to be kind to one another. The guys has had a lot thrown at him in this life and he keeps smiling and saying thank you for it all every step of his way. He is, in short, inspiring.


Giving a new definition to MAN BUNS. Go Clark. Always up for a laugh. Photos by Ken Grille.

Giving a new definition to MAN BUNS. Go Clark. Always up for a laugh. Photos by Ken Grille.

As is almost custom, we started out the series with a snow storm. My sweet Clark Gayton got sidelined to a Sunday due to a foot plus of the white stuff. It was a nasty night and we made the right call. He rocked his Carrie Fisher buns and lit the torch so to speak for the rest of the month. The upside is that we will have a second make up show on Thursday March 23rd for anyone who couldnt make it that weekend because of the weather. So hopefully we will see you all there as well.

Looking forward to Jonny Rosch this Saturday but if as on cue one of my kids has just summoned me upstairs as he feels sick.

The joys of January.

My washing machine just gave me the middle finger. What is that about?! Ugh. (15 loads last week sucka. FIFTEEN!!!)

Ok. I have to go. This post is going rogue and not in a good way.

May you take time to look down at your feet and find them opening the door to a warm packed theater full of love.

Peace, Love and Broken Guitar Strings,


Intermission by Phil Lehan

Before I get started here I just want to put a link to this article that came out last week. I was approached by The Express Magazine to recount my most memorable New Years Eve. They asked… so I responded. I may have said strippers and dwarfs a bit to much but it will hopefully give you a good laugh as this New Year approached. Without further ado… Nancy Atlas’s most memorable New Years Eve. (By the way I didn’t even mention that I got engaged at 5 am that morning as the sun rose up over the lighthouse {sidenote: we never got married} and then shucked clams as some swank New Years day party for $50 an hour from 8am to noon…those were the days of limitless energy my friends. Those were the days. So yeah, after the stripper and the dwarf came diamond rings and clams. There’s a joke in there somewhere but thankfully my brain won’t let it in.)

So on a totally different note, one thing my band and I talk about often it how lucky we are. How much we appreciate the effort our fans make, show after show, time and time again. The word of mouth. The cookies you bring us or the unseen emails post show. The time you take to get there and that passion you bring. Year after year. Every night. Every single time we play.  I would like to think you feel it too, that when we step on the stage you know we are going to give you everything we’ve got. That it’s always a new experience and that you don’t want to miss it. It’s what we do and we never underestimate that or take it for granted. So let me start off by saying THANK YOU for such a stellar year so far. Another one coming to an end and oh what a year it was… (see photos below).

So yes my friend, we have been busy and because of that I have never been happier to see barren trees in my life. The sun is setting at 4pm you say? BRING IT ON. Our band is officially in studio mode of late and enjoying a little downtime after a never ending string of live shows that started this past January. This year has been another whopper. 2016 has been good to us for sure. It sprinkled down some Rock and Roll magic pixie dust at Levon Helms Barn this fall, Chad Smith (RHCP) & Taylor Hawkins (Foo Fighters) face melting drum off with our band this summer, non stop Stephen Talkhouse, Surf Lodge,  Barons Cove gigs… Wyoming’s tour this past spring with Inda Eaton and starting it all off  with five for five sold out shows at Baystreet.  When you see it on paper, in a condensed form, it all seems like a dream but my calloused fingers assure me it is not. That shit went down and it went down hard week after week. I love it but it is time to put the antenna up and start writing.

So that is why our shows have come to a bit of a halt. If momma doesn’t pull the chord every now and then well, we just keep rolling through. I promise you that we are taking the break to finish up our next disc, “Cut and Run” which is slated to be out in the Spring of 2017 and I am also chipping away at a few new tunes.

Until things pick back up in the spring here are a few photos, videos and articles from the last 12 months.:

The version of Jolene at Levon’s Barn is a bit shaky as it was taken from the mangers phone but you get the gist. It was a live feed so it’s fun to see people that have never heard us before chime in.  It’s a tick sloppy and raw but Clark chomps down and Klyph does a nice job filling in for a flu ridden Johnny Blood that night:

“Jolene” live at Levon Helm’s Barn in Woodstock, Oct 1st, 2016

Original “Lost Highway” at Talkhouse featuring Skip Krevens

Original, “My Love” at Guild Hall

 Our original “Last Call for Alcohol” with the Uptown Horns at Baystreet. (the horn part was written by the amazing Arno Hecht on Sax. unexpected treat and so fun although looking at this video we are all hanging on by our teeth as it’s the first time playing it!)

If you want a little something to read here is a good one:

ARTICLE:    Art for Art’s Sake at Levon’s Barn in Woodstock

It’s not everyday that a newspaper sends staff and photographers up to follow a local band so this article is greatly appreciated with a big shout out to Michael Heller, Gavin and Kathy Menu.

Wishing you all peace, love and broken guitar strings.

See you in the front lines. Wear your waterproof mascara.


PS… one last thought: A heads up that our Fireside Sessions Series at Baystreet Theater, sponsored by the amazing Dan’s Papers… is almost half way sold out and we announced the guest’s YESTERDAY so if you want in … now would be a good time to buy tickets. 300 seats and they all will sell out. Like … soon. (I’m not being a cocky dick – I am just stating the obvious… since our last 15 shows have all sold out there. I am really being more of a cocky dick friend, which we all need one of and tonight I’m yours. ha ha ha. Anyway… we hope to see you there sucka).


Crazy shit. I got two dozen roses after this show from Chad and Taylor (or more likely their wives! ha ha). So much fun. Illegal obscene fun. We all stepped into the tunnel that night. What made this show extra special is that it all came together in five days. When Chad Smith calls you – you make it happen. My set list was called, DRUM PORN. (appropriately so).

Taylor Hawkins of the Foo FIghters and I getting the job done. Even the overhead pipes were sweating that night.

Taylor Hawkins of the Foo FIghters and I getting the job done. Even the overhead pipes were sweating that night.

Upstairs at The Stephen Talkhouse Post show.

Upstairs at The Stephen Talkhouse Post show. Post show glow.

Levon Helms Barn Oct 1st, 2016. Barbara OBrien, long time house manager, gave us one of our highest compliments saying, "This band reminded me of Levon's Ramble so much. He would have absolutely loved this show. We can't wait to do it again."

Levon Helms Barn Oct 1st, 2016. Barbara OBrien, long time house manager, gave us one of our highest compliments saying, “This band reminded me of Levon’s Ramble so much. He would have absolutely loved this show. We can’t wait to do it again.” Photo by Micheal Heller, Sag Harbor Press


We love the Surf Lodge and the Surf Lodge loves us. Nine years running on our Summer Sunset Wednesdays. It’s a thang baby. It’s a thang. Here is JB pouring on the sonic love.

Surf Lodge with Winston Irie and Chad sitting in. Let the good times roll. X

Surf Lodge with Winston Irie and Chad sitting in. Let the good times roll. X



Karma works in mysterious ways. After the Surf Lodge unexpectedly had to shut down music for a month they graciously sponsored us at Barons Cove. When SL got up and running again Barons wanted the turnout. Thus a new weekly series. Thursday nights in Sag Harbor. Photo by Daniel Gonzalez.


Thank you Southampton Cultural Arts Center for creating our own night! Their summer series is typically on Wednesdays but since we are booked out they made an exception to do a Tuesday, the first one of the series! Here is Richard Rosch doing his thing and another beautiful photo by Ken Grille.


Chris Clemence of RapScallions sitting in this summer. Leonardo Dicaprio was kicking around. Not a shitty way to spend a Wednesday in Montauk.


Rain or Shine. Here we are with Trombone Monster Clark Gayton (Springsteen, Sting, Prince).getting funky on a rainy day. Anybody that has followed us for a while knows that when the chips are down we tend to play harder. Always a true throw down with Clark in the mix.


Screw Waldo. Where’s Neil? Talkhouse July 2016

Hey Y'all Look at us! A very cool compliment to be the first music ever played at a long standing institution, which is what happened this summer at The Oar in Block Island. It's always a good sign when they book you that night for next year! whoop whoop. So much fun. We had a blast and Jettykoon was super rocking to boot!

Hey Y’all Look at us! A very cool compliment to be the first music ever played at a long standing institution, which is what happened this summer at The Oar Inn on Block Island. It’s always a good sign when they book you that night for next year! whoop whoop. So much fun. We had a blast and Jettykoon was super rocking to boot!


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Release the Kraken



Our Band gave birth this morning to a female Kracken of a song. I am so very happy to annouce that The Tale of Johnny Load is now officially available for downloading on CD BABY today, June 26th, exactly one year to the day that I finished writing it. The entire process took the better part of the last year and has been quite a journey. Co-producer and drummer extraodinaire, Chad Smith of the RHCP, is truly at the helm of this version. He sat with me and really tightened up the tune which originally had six more verses. SIX. It was wayyyyyy longer then just the seven minutes we got it down to. His suggestions were a vital part to the creation of how the song flows and I would also like to add that his drum track is from the FIRST TAKE. We did several others but it was very obvious that we had hit something magical on the first few minutes of the session which is very rare. When it breaks down to just drums he goes to a higher ground people. It gives me goosebumps every time (at “Mark!” )
This song is dedicated to John Aldridge and Little Anthony whose courage and friendship brought out the best in all of us.
If you would like to get a copy please download from CDBABY if you can. It is the most artisit friendly, although the tune will be up on iTunes and various other sites this week.
If you like the song please consider leaving a review on the Site where you bought it from! It truly helps people decide if they want it.
Thanks everyone! Hope you enjoy it and wishing you all a happy and safe summer. Can’t wait to be standing with the Montauk air blowing through my sea soaked hair and singing this ditty soon.
Credits: Nancy Atlas on Vox and Guitar, Johnny Blood-John Leitch on Guitar, Brett King on Bass, Neil Thomas Surreal on Keys, Richard Rosch on Percussion, Chad Smith on Drums, recorded, mixed and mastered at Monk Music by the one and only Grammy Award Winning, Kracken Godmother Cynthia Daniels.
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And so it begins.


Hope everyone is out there doing their thing and enjoying the sunshine today. We are gearing up for a weekend of gigs and happy to be playing the East End this weekend. If you really want to know my current mood you can check out this little video I posted of an unreleased song from our last album. It’s called, “Don’t Fuck with Me”. I think that is pretty much sums up my current mood. Ha ha ha. I really have to learn to express myself better. I didn’t add it to my last album because it truly didn’t fit. It’s an aggressive tune and everytime I tried to find a slot it just sounded out of place. So for the past few years it just sat on my computer. Fully mixed, clipping it’s nails and picking it’s teeth in boredom. “Unleash me Mom!” it would say from time to time. But it never felt right. So today… I threw a few pictures together and put it up on YouTube. Here is the link :  https://youtu.be/M1RjOhyTu9M .   Feels good to let my music speak my mind and although it was the first song I wrote as a new mom, when everyone was telling me my career was over and that I had a good run, well… it still holds up for many other reasons. Hope you enjoy it.

For the next four weekends we will be playing at Barons Cove in Sag Harbor for Sunset Wednesdays from 6-8pm. As most of you that follow the band already know… Wednesdays in the summer are really a Surf Lodge thing but they are working on some issues with the town right now so while they do that they have been kind enough to sponsor us at another location. Which is unheard of but there you have it. So May 25th, June 1, 8 and 15th we will be playing there with hopes of returning to our lovely town of Montauk after that. Thank you Jayma for keeping us working and thank you Barons Cove for taking us in on such short notice (5 days ago).

Friday night we will crunch down at the Stephen Talkhouse… which is… I believe… the only venue at this point where you can turn it up loud and sweat. THANK THE LORD. Everyone is joking about this town becoming like some Footloose Movie  but it is not. As long as we have the Talkhouse. We were asked to cover Steve Earles slot as he had to cancelled and are honored to do so. I’m not Steve Earle but I will do my best to keep everyone Sa-Tis-Fied sonically.  I can’t wait. Really truly.

Sunday Navy Beach will host us for a subdued set from 5-7pm. Completely chill, outdoor, on the beach and really good food. What is not to love! Should be fun for all and I love the entire staff there. Total sweethearts. Parking is a bear so if you can carpool then definitely consider it.

I will keep this post short. I am knee deep into our next album, Cut and Run, and using every spare moment I have these days to hole down in my studio and get my hands dirty. It is coming along for sure and may take a bit more time but the bus is moving which is half the battle.

As is custom: May you look down at your feet and find them dancing your ass off and pointed straight ahead because Eddie Vedder and the entire Pearl Jam band is standing behind you and you know if you turn around you will either say something stupid or hug him and get thrown out so instead you just keep looking ahead and dance, dance, dance. In that moment you are truly alive.

Keep it real folks and be safe this weekend.


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Before the rush there is always a stillness.

The Birth Of Venus

Botticelli The Birth of Venus… Spring winds blowing Venus into the cape of summer.

There is a magical quality to March wind. At times it can scream right through you and then at the flip of a switch it can be light and forgiving, bathing the naked trees with it’s lamby glow.  Mercurial, relentless and divine, March in NY is always like experiencing natures purest form of caffeine. The earth is literally quaking with the energy of a double mocha latte frappuccino. I dig it.

For me it has  always been a time of production. If it’s not taking shape in March then its probably not happening till the fall.  A show, an album, tee shirts,  writing a song… you name it.  The clock is ticking and I can feel it.  Angry empty wires on a stripped winter sailboat flay about slapping  into each other. They clap briskly like an old Russian dance instructor who has lost his patience and has no more time for your shitty plie´.  “Clap. Clap!” they crack in the grey sky. ‘Get to it. The March Winds are calling!’

So to it I get. I am fresh off of a two week media detox. I have to be careful using that word as everyone thinks ‘detox’ connotes drugs and alcohol but let me tell you that email, texts and phone messages feel just as insidious to me these days. Almost impossible to escape and there is always a price to pay for ignoring instant communication. A job or two lost. Personally I can live with it.

So away I went to the outskirts of my little finca in Ecuador, complete with my family and a good book in tow. It served me well and I truly feel recharged.  While in Ecuador I bought my son two goats for his birthday, saved a few puppies that had been cast on the road to die and drank really good coffee every morning whilst listening to the wild birds in the still morning light.  I have learned that it doesn’t take much to clear the slate but that the slate must indeed be wiped clean before new thoughts can begin. I have also learned that before the rush there needs to be stillness or else your just running in circles half the time. So ring the bell and let the pixie dust twirl for another year or making music.

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Sitting Fireside 2016 – Something from Nothing.

BowieRIckmanThe winter of 2013 was a particularly brutal one. Correct me if I am wrong, but I do believe our first snowfall descended in a gusty, pissed off state a day before Halloween that year. Nobody likes it when it snows in October unless you own a ski lift. Most of us don’t own a ski lift so there was a lot of groaning and stiff collars up around town. A New York resignation and ultimately indifference to what was coming.

Mother Nature did not disappoint. There was snow storm after snowstorm. Blistering winds. Ice that you cursed at and then skittishly walked over like some co-dependent lover. That winter was not kind and loving. She was cruel and unrelenting and the kind of winter that makes you celebrate spring a wee tick more until she covers your blooming crocuses in yet another storm just to remind you that she is still in charge.

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Epic Summer Lovin’ 2015

[ultimatepro 12 /]There are some years that glow musically and if I don’t play one more damn note for the rest of 2015, this year will already  rank among one of my favorites. We started out with a bang for New Years, then sold out a bunch of shows at Baystreet Theater from Jan-March. Took a small break and then headed to Wyoming  in April with The Inda Eaton Band for what can only be described as a Sonic Bliss Tour. Lots of four part singing and hearing old original songs in a whole new light. Then came this luscious summer complete with rolling, undulating days of sunshine back to back with light winds and heavy crowds. Yes, 2015 has been a keeper. Off the hook. The brass ring. The blue ribboned pig.

Musical Summer Highlights include:

Writing a song called  “The Tale of Johnny Load”  and finishing it one June morning then playing it, unexpectedly, that very night to the men who inspired it (John Aldridge and Little Anthony). By the first verse  the entire packed out crowd at The Surf Lodge just kind of stopped talking. A stillness swept over the place. Will not forget that for a long time. Any gigging musician has to learn how to work with and turn the volume of a room but when you have a raucous crowd that falls silent due to a song… for many of us that is as good as it gets.

Summer at it's finest at The Surf Lodge every Wednesday.More highlights? How about every time Chad Smith came to sit in with us which was about 4 times? (Good times for us.. not so good for Rich’s snare). Or how about Surf Lodge Wednesdays in general?  It was a bit of a love fest this year. Our June shows were packed out like August. People getting there an hour early to stake out their chairs and tables. We got to play our original tunes, the sun got to set, special guests just kept dropping in. It became like a weekly block party with really good margaritas. It was a slam dunk of a season there. Truly. Thanks for supporting the arts  if you came down and partook!

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June 11th, 2015

This won’t be my funniest blog and that is ok.  I am in a little point of bliss these days and, as Billy Joel so eloquently once noted, happiness can sometimes kill creativity.  I think he was on to something but I am not afraid oh William Joel, I am not afraid.  Things are good,  I am happy, writing and the band has been kicking it into fifth gear of late.  Leonardo DiCaprio is making out at my shows and  people are still passionate about our original music and that is enough for me.  It doesn’t always work this way so I’m just trying to let it roll baby. Let it roll.