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And so it begins.


Hope everyone is out there doing their thing and enjoying the sunshine today. We are gearing up for a weekend of gigs and happy to be playing the East End this weekend. If you really want to know my current mood you can check out this little video I posted of an unreleased song from our last album. It’s called, “Don’t Fuck with Me”. I think that is pretty much sums up my current mood. Ha ha ha. I really have to learn to express myself better. I didn’t add it to my last album because it truly didn’t fit. It’s an aggressive tune and everytime I tried to find a slot it just sounded out of place. So for the past few years it just sat on my computer. Fully mixed, clipping it’s nails and picking it’s teeth in boredom. “Unleash me Mom!” it would say from time to time. But it never felt right. So today… I threw a few pictures together and put it up on YouTube. Here is the link : .   Feels good to let my music speak my mind and although it was the first song I wrote as a new mom, when everyone was telling me my career was over and that I had a good run, well… it still holds up for many other reasons. Hope you enjoy it.

For the next four weekends we will be playing at Barons Cove in Sag Harbor for Sunset Wednesdays from 6-8pm. As most of you that follow the band already know… Wednesdays in the summer are really a Surf Lodge thing but they are working on some issues with the town right now so while they do that they have been kind enough to sponsor us at another location. Which is unheard of but there you have it. So May 25th, June 1, 8 and 15th we will be playing there with hopes of returning to our lovely town of Montauk after that. Thank you Jayma for keeping us working and thank you Barons Cove for taking us in on such short notice (5 days ago).

Friday night we will crunch down at the Stephen Talkhouse… which is… I believe… the only venue at this point where you can turn it up loud and sweat. THANK THE LORD. Everyone is joking about this town becoming like some Footloose Movie  but it is not. As long as we have the Talkhouse. We were asked to cover Steve Earles slot as he had to cancelled and are honored to do so. I’m not Steve Earle but I will do my best to keep everyone Sa-Tis-Fied sonically.  I can’t wait. Really truly.

Sunday Navy Beach will host us for a subdued set from 5-7pm. Completely chill, outdoor, on the beach and really good food. What is not to love! Should be fun for all and I love the entire staff there. Total sweethearts. Parking is a bear so if you can carpool then definitely consider it.

I will keep this post short. I am knee deep into our next album, Cut and Run, and using every spare moment I have these days to hole down in my studio and get my hands dirty. It is coming along for sure and may take a bit more time but the bus is moving which is half the battle.

As is custom: May you look down at your feet and find them dancing your ass off and pointed straight ahead because Eddie Vedder and the entire Pearl Jam band is standing behind you and you know if you turn around you will either say something stupid or hug him and get thrown out so instead you just keep looking ahead and dance, dance, dance. In that moment you are truly alive.

Keep it real folks and be safe this weekend.


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Before the rush there is always a stillness.

The Birth Of Venus

Botticelli The Birth of Venus… Spring winds blowing Venus into the cape of summer.

There is a magical quality to March wind. At times it can scream right through you and then at the flip of a switch it can be light and forgiving, bathing the naked trees with it’s lamby glow.  Mercurial, relentless and divine, March in NY is always like experiencing natures purest form of caffeine. The earth is literally quaking with the energy of a double mocha latte frappuccino. I dig it.

For me it has  always been a time of production. If it’s not taking shape in March then its probably not happening till the fall.  A show, an album, tee shirts,  writing a song… you name it.  The clock is ticking and I can feel it.  Angry empty wires on a stripped winter sailboat flay about slapping  into each other. They clap briskly like an old Russian dance instructor who has lost his patience and has no more time for your shitty plie´.  “Clap. Clap!” they crack in the grey sky. ‘Get to it. The March Winds are calling!’

So to it I get. I am fresh off of a two week media detox. I have to be careful using that word as everyone thinks ‘detox’ connotes drugs and alcohol but let me tell you that email, texts and phone messages feel just as insidious to me these days. Almost impossible to escape and there is always a price to pay for ignoring instant communication. A job or two lost. Personally I can live with it.

So away I went to the outskirts of my little finca in Ecuador, complete with my family and a good book in tow. It served me well and I truly feel recharged.  While in Ecuador I bought my son two goats for his birthday, saved a few puppies that had been cast on the road to die and drank really good coffee every morning whilst listening to the wild birds in the still morning light.  I have learned that it doesn’t take much to clear the slate but that the slate must indeed be wiped clean before new thoughts can begin. I have also learned that before the rush there needs to be stillness or else your just running in circles half the time. So ring the bell and let the pixie dust twirl for another year or making music.

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Sitting Fireside 2016 – Something from Nothing.

BowieRIckmanThe winter of 2013 was a particularly brutal one. Correct me if I am wrong, but I do believe our first snowfall descended in a gusty, pissed off state a day before Halloween that year. Nobody likes it when it snows in October unless you own a ski lift. Most of us don’t own a ski lift so there was a lot of groaning and stiff collars up around town. A New York resignation and ultimately indifference to what was coming.

Mother Nature did not disappoint. There was snow storm after snowstorm. Blistering winds. Ice that you cursed at and then skittishly walked over like some co-dependent lover. That winter was not kind and loving. She was cruel and unrelenting and the kind of winter that makes you celebrate spring a wee tick more until she covers your blooming crocuses in yet another storm just to remind you that she is still in charge.

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Epic Summer Lovin’ 2015

Get Adobe Flash player There are some years that glow musically and if I don’t play one more damn note for the rest of 2015, this year will already  rank among one of my favorites. We started out with a bang for New Years, then sold out a bunch of shows at Baystreet Theater from Jan-March. Took a small break and then headed to Wyoming  in April with The Inda Eaton Band for what can only be described as a Sonic Bliss Tour. Lots of four part singing and hearing old original songs in a whole new light. Then came this luscious summer complete with rolling, undulating days of sunshine back to back with light winds and heavy crowds. Yes, 2015 has been a keeper. Off the hook. The brass ring. The blue ribboned pig.

Musical Summer Highlights include:

Writing a song called  “The Tale of Johnny Load”  and finishing it one June morning then playing it, unexpectedly, that very night to the men who inspired it (John Aldridge and Little Anthony). By the first verse  the entire packed out crowd at The Surf Lodge just kind of stopped talking. A stillness swept over the place. Will not forget that for a long time. Any gigging musician has to learn how to work with and turn the volume of a room but when you have a raucous crowd that falls silent due to a song… for many of us that is as good as it gets.

Summer at it's finest at The Surf Lodge every Wednesday.More highlights? How about every time Chad Smith came to sit in with us which was about 4 times? (Good times for us.. not so good for Rich’s snare). Or how about Surf Lodge Wednesdays in general?  It was a bit of a love fest this year. Our June shows were packed out like August. People getting there an hour early to stake out their chairs and tables. We got to play our original tunes, the sun got to set, special guests just kept dropping in. It became like a weekly block party with really good margaritas. It was a slam dunk of a season there. Truly. Thanks for supporting the arts  if you came down and partook!

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June 11th, 2015

This won’t be my funniest blog and that is ok.  I am in a little point of bliss these days and, as Billy Joel so eloquently once noted, happiness can sometimes kill creativity.  I think he was on to something but I am not afraid oh William Joel, I am not afraid.  Things are good,  I am happy, writing and the band has been kicking it into fifth gear of late.  Leonardo DiCaprio is making out at my shows and  people are still passionate about our original music and that is enough for me.  It doesn’t always work this way so I’m just trying to let it roll baby. Let it roll.