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Bliss 2.

Tweet And then there was one. So a lot could be say tonight as I sit in my basement with wet hair, three sleeping kids and two more shows to go before a much needed vacation, some of which will be spent finishing up our seventh studio album, Cut and Run. This Saturday, January 27th,

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Release the Kraken

Tweet CLICK THE LINK BELOW TO HEAR SONG http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/thenancyatlasprojectfeat Our Band gave birth this morning to a female Kracken of a song. I am so very happy to annouce that The Tale of Johnny Load is now officially available for downloading on CD BABY today, June 26th, exactly one year to the day that I

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And so it begins.

Tweet Hope everyone is out there doing their thing and enjoying the sunshine today. We are gearing up for a weekend of gigs and happy to be playing the East End this weekend. If you really want to know my current mood you can check out this little video I posted of an unreleased song

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Before the rush there is always a stillness.

Tweet Botticelli The Birth of Venus… Spring winds blowing Venus into the cape of summer. There is a magical quality to March wind. At times it can scream right through you and then at the flip of a switch it can be light and forgiving, bathing the naked trees with it’s lamby glow.  Mercurial, relentless