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Art collage above by Lisa-Marie Mazzucco. Photographer and artist extraordinaire. T Minus three days till our spanky new CD, Cut & Run is released and things are cranking at the home base today. Ticket Sales for the show that night are definitely starting to pour in so make sure you get yours online (CLICK HERE)

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Release the Kraken

CLICK THE LINK BELOW TO HEAR SONG Our Band gave birth this morning to a female Kracken of a song. I am so very happy to annouce that The Tale of Johnny Load is now officially available for downloading on CD BABY today, June 26th, exactly one year to the day that I finished

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And so it begins.

Hope everyone is out there doing their thing and enjoying the sunshine today. We are gearing up for a weekend of gigs and happy to be playing the East End this weekend. If you really want to know my current mood you can check out this little video I posted of an unreleased song from

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Before the rush there is always a stillness.

Botticelli The Birth of Venus… Spring winds blowing Venus into the cape of summer. There is a magical quality to March wind. At times it can scream right through you and then at the flip of a switch it can be light and forgiving, bathing the naked trees with it’s lamby glow. ┬áMercurial, relentless and